“Age of Orcs” is an NFT/Metaverse project built by an already established gaming studio. The collection consists of 5000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain each with a unique design and style.

The Orcs are meant to be the gateway of the project that will later evolve into a fully decentralized gambling platform where you will have the ability to take over a role as a gambler, or as a Casino tycoon, and own a part of the fractionalized casino while deciding its future.
  • Orcs begin their gathering rituals on their social networks. 5000 Orcs created.
  • Create the Orc website.
  • Listing on all of the major markets.
  • Collaborations, Partnerships, Challenges, and Giveaways commence.
  • Whitelists allocations are delegated through the Orc community involvement.
  • Set up the Minting system
  • Confirm the Launch Date
  • Have the main drop of the Orcs(5000 Orcs are now in the wild and are bringing terror to the society)
  • Hire additional staff and start working on the metaverse land modeling
  • Start creating the art(land parcels, buildings, environment, special Orcs Casino)
  • Monthly raffles for royalties commenced
  • Start of mutations of the Orcs
  • Special partnership with an already established top-notch betting company (already in contact).
  • Buy gambling licenses in pinpointed countries.
  • Commence the first land drop.
  • Token Airdrop
  • Have a functional explorable map
  • Have a successful drop for one part of the map and buildings
  • Staking for the Orcs NFTs commences
  • The rest of the map is created
  • Further development of the gambling system
  • Have a successful drop of the rest of the map






Every Orc will be unique and non-fungible, delivered from the uniqueness of their special traits, all very carefully crafted.

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About Us

Snowball Games is an indie gaming studio that creates, develops, and publishes fun mobile games for a full and entertaining user experience.
Our games are currently available on iOS and Android.

Our Team


Head of Development, Head Dev in Synami, Co-founder at Ekonet


CEO of Snowball and Synami, Investor, NFT enthusiast


Head of Marketing, lifetime experience in marketing


Artist, CGI and VFX Specialist, VR and 3D Expert


Artist, 3D master, and creative expert


Project manager, NFT enthusiast, and art appreciator


Community manager, CNFT collector and Cardano old guard

Project Mirage

  • The project “Mirage” will be the first decentralized gambling platform on Cardano, a functional prebuilt Casino Metaverse project with more than 2000 different gambling games and a partnership with an already established top-notch betting company.


17th of September 2022

There will be a total supply of 5000 Orc NFTs.
You can only mint an “Age of Orcs” NFT with a Cardano wallet that supports smart contracts. E.g. Eternl, Nami.
The price for the public mint is 90 ADA
The easiest way to get a whitelist is to be active, contribute to the community and invite new members.
We have been working hard on the project for several months, trying to perfect everything and only deliver quality.
Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibilities for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.
“Mirage” is the first decentralized gambling platform on Cardano. The “Mirage” project will be a functional prebuilt Casino Metaverse project with more than 2000 different gambling games and a partnership with an already established top-notch betting company that we are already in contact with.
When you purchase an NFT from this project on the Cardano blockchain, you will own that specific NFT.
Permission will be granted to anyone holding an NFT from the “Age of the Orcs” project, there will be no limitation rights to use, display, copy and modify the purchased NFT Art. Meaning that holders hold the full rights to it.
You will have the chance to mutate your NFT in the future with the possibility of gamification of the characters.
Your NFT will grant you special perks in the Metaverse program.
You will get token airdrops and will have a chance to roam the Metaverse with your Orc NFT.
You will be part of a fractionalized ownership of the particular Casino, all profits made from the gamblers in that particular Casino will be adequately distributed to all holders of the land and the project itself while deciding the future of your Casino by yourself.